We manufacture

Pocket Spring Range

· Individual fabric pocketed spring unit

· Springs move independently of each other

· Distributes the sleeper's weight and motion

  throughout the spring system

· Individual pockets do not transfer vibrations to one another

· Superior comfort with a firmer feel

· Greater number of springs allows more flexibility

· Encourages proper back support and alignment


Inner Spring Range

· 6-turn steel coil spring unit

· Ensures maximum flexibility and responsiveness to the

   contours of your body

· Transferred motion and vibrations from partner

· High comfort level

· Slightly softer feel than pocketed spring

· Durability

· Lightweight


Memory Gel Foam Range

· Traditional memory foam infused with gel pearls

· 100% Environmentally friendly

· Helps regulate body temperature

· Reduces restless sleeping and helps alleviate pressure

· Helps increase blood flow

· Conforms to unique body shape and weight of individual

· Provides support in all areas of the body

· Foam returns to original state in 30 - 45 seconds


Multi-Layer Foam Range

· Light and soft foam structure

· High Airflow rate - open cell foam structure

· High Support Factor

· Provides a “cushioning” quality

· Eliminates stress on the back and neck

· Provides balance and support for body as a whole

· Long-lasting durability





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